Dr Falk Awards Ireland

Please be aware that the Dr Falk Awards 2020 deadline is  20/9/20. All categories, entry criteria & prizes  remain the same and we look forward to presenting these awards to our winners later this year. 



The Dr Falk / Guts UK Awards, in partnership with the charity Guts UK, have been running since 2007, to reward and encourage UK based doctors, nurses and dieticians who have demonstrated excellence within the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology.

We are therefore very pleased to announce the first ever Dr Falk awards for Specialist Registrars and IBD / liver nurses based in Ireland. The winners of each category will receive financial support of E1,000, to enable them to continue with the chosen work as well as a chance to share their project with their peers.

‘We are delighted that our prestigious awards, which over the years have been so instrumental in highlighting the incredible work of talented healthcare professionals across the UK, are now to become part of the Irish GI and Hepatology landscape,’ says Dr Riadh Jazrawi, Medical Director of Dr Falk Pharma UK and one of the judges on both awards.

‘We are looking forward greatly to reading about the patient improvements being carried out by the dedicated Irish Specialist Registrars and IBD/ liver nurses and to rewarding the best of the best and to presenting these awards at the Irish Society of Gastroenterology meeting.’

The SpR Award is designed to encourage young doctors to consider quality improvement projects that address an area of clinical need within gastroenterology, pancreatology, liver disease or nutrition and that also demonstrate clear patient benefit. The SpR Award is being supported by the Irish Society of Gastroenterology and will be judged by two of its senior members, Dr Eoin Slattery and Dr Aoibhlinn O’Toole along with Dr Jazrawi.

Dr Eoin Slattery comments ‘The Dr Falk SpR Award will encourage both the development of quality improvement in IBD, whilst simultaneously promoting a keen understanding in future gastroenterologists regarding the impact this can have on patient care.

Dr Aoibhlinn O’Toole agrees. ‘We are supporting the award for several reasons. Firstly career development – as a competitive award it will be hotly contested and winning the award will be beneficial to a trainee who wants to pursue a career in IBD. Contribution to medical science and literature – trainees will be required to undertake research as part of their training – with the ultimate aim of improving insights into disease and therapy and improved patient related outcomes. Finally, projects that could improve patient care/quality of life will have a broader benefit for the IBD patients in Ireland and perhaps internationally.’

Similarly, the IBD Nurse Awards will look to recognise an initiative which has improved patient care in these fields. This award is being supported by the IBD Nurses Association of Ireland.

Executive member, Ms Aine Keogh, IBD Nurse Specialist was instrumental in setting up the Nurse Award comments:

‘This is a great opportunity for the IBD nurses in Ireland to showcase their services and the developments they have created to benefit patients. Winning the award will not just be a great personal achievement, it will also provide recognition of their work both to their peer group and the wider IBD community in Ireland. Finally, we hope that the awards inspire and demonstrates to other IBD nurses that they can improve their service without having to reinvent the wheel.’

For more information on the SpR Award including a link to download the entry form:

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For more information on the IBD Nurses Award including a link to download the entry form:

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