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To report a side effect
(adverse drug reaction)


Side effects (adverse drug reactions) should be reported.

The following information is required for all reports about side effects:

  • The side effect
  • The name and/or description of the side effect(s).
  • The name of the medicine which you think caused it.
  • The name of the medicine(s) (including vaccines) you suspect might have caused the side effect.
  • Information about the person who had the side effect

At least one of the following pieces of information

  • initials
  • sex
  • age

at the time of the side effect for the person who had the side effect.

In addition, indicate if it was you or your child who had the side effect, or whether you are reporting on behalf of someone else. If you are reporting on behalf of someone else (perhaps your spouse or partner, your adult son or daughter, or someone you look after), please note that you need to have their agreement to report.

  • Your contact details as the reporter of the side effect

Your name and contact details, so that we can let you know that we have received your report, and contact you for further information if necessary. If you provide an e-mail address, we will use this to contact you; and if you prefer us to contact you by post, please provide your full postal address.

In addition to this essential information, you may have more details that you wish to provide. This can include the dates of the side effects, dates the medicine was taken, any relevant medical history, or any other medications taken at the time of the side effect. This added information is not essential, but any further information about the suspected side effect experienced will help in the investigations.

Reports can be made by members of the public and healthcare professionals.

To make the report:

For UK residents: Click on the Yellow Card link below to be taken directly to the page for reporting side effects in the UK.

Yellow Card

For residents of the Republic of Ireland: Click on the link below to be taken directly to the page for reporting side effects in Ireland.

Report to the Heath Products Regulatory Authority

If you are a patient and unable to use the above facilities you can still report the side effect. In the first place, tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacist about it and ask them to report it using the Yellow Card (UK) or report to the Health Products Regulatory Authority (IE). Alternatively, contact us at office@drfalkpharma.co.uk or call the Medical Director on 07765 004275 or the Regulatory Manager on 07765 403015 and we will make the report. We cannot make the report without the four pieces of information described above.

Healthcare professionals requiring medical information can contact the Medical Director on 07765 004275.
For regulatory matters please contact the Regulatory Manager on 07765 403015.

Patients requiring advice on medical matters should speak with their doctor or pharmacist.