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Formulation Formulation


Destination Destination

The more that patients know about their treatment, the more they get out of it.
The more clinicians and researchers understand patients’ needs, the better they can address them.

If it’s important to patients, it’s important to us.
By offering patients a range of formulations, they can not only make the choice most suited to them, but also share ownership of their treatment journey.

When a disease is defined by its whereabouts, its treatment should be too.
That’s why we go to great lengths to help make sure our treatments
release when – and only when – they’ve arrived where they’re needed most.

At Dr Falk, we do things differently. Our focus isn’t just on diseases, it’s on people, so for every treatment we develop, whether for gastroenterology or liver disease, we do it our way.

It’s a simple formula.

We call it the Dr Falk way.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Making the Boat Go Faster - Performing Under Pressure and How to Bounce Back - Thursday 22nd September 2022 18:30-20:30

Dear Colleague Dr Falk Pharma would like to invite you to join this educational meeting developed for all Specialist Nurses who work in Gastroenterology. We hope you will be able to join and find value in this Round Table Meeting. The meeting will NOT be live streamed. Please also to remember to register to Falk ... Continue Reading

Location: Midland Hotel, Manchester
Date: Thursday, 22 Sep 2022 View Event >

Falk Forum 91: IBD: The Fast and the Furious-New Pathways in 2022 - Friday 23rd September 2022

Dear Colleague, Karen and I are delighted to announce the Manchester Falk Forum. We have taken our direction from the challenges of the last couple of years and taken the opportunity to invite renown speakers to look at the current demands of managing IBD services in the post-Covid period. Our speakers will ... Continue Reading

Location: The Midland Hotel, Manchester
Date: Friday, 23 Sep 2022 View Event >


MORPh Meetings This webinar will start at 9:30am with the Welcome and Introductions. The webinars are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. However, the agenda for each webinar is independently managed, and developed, by our clinical management team. Please note that there is often a reserve list for the webinars. If you are on the ... Continue Reading

Location: East Midlands, East England, South East, London
Date: Tuesday, 6 Dec 2022 View Event >
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