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Formulation Formulation


Destination Destination

The more that patients know about their treatment, the more they get out of it.
The more clinicians and researchers understand patients’ needs, the better they can address them.

When a disease is defined by its whereabouts, its treatment should be too.
That’s why we go to great lengths to help make sure our treatments
release when – and only when – they’ve arrived where they’re needed most.

If it’s important to patients, it’s important to us.
By offering patients a range of formulations, they can not only make the choice most suited to them, but also share ownership of their treatment journey.

At Dr Falk, we do things differently. Our focus isn’t just on diseases, it’s on people, so for every treatment we develop, whether for gastroenterology or liver disease, we do it our way.

It’s a simple formula.

We call it the Dr Falk way.

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