Research and Development

The staff of Dr Falk Pharma's own development department have many years of experience in product formulation and pre-clinical and clinical development. Almost all of our development projects are carried out in co-operation with other research enterprises.

In product formulation Dr Falk Pharma has special competence in the development of topical delivery systems for diseases of the intestinal tract, which has resulted in a range of patents and approvals.

The project management team in clinical research is highly experienced in the organisation of multi-centre studies required for approval, especially for inflammatory bowel diseases and certain liver diseases. An international network of clinicians has been established over many years, which allows even large multi-centre studies to be carried out rapidly and successfully.

Close co-operation between the research and regulatory affairs departments forms the basis of the high quality of documentation needed to meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities today. Our own experience with the various European regulatory and approval procedures underlies the success of our regulatory team.

We co-operate with international partners for most of our projects with new therapies and further development. New project partners in gastroenterology and hepatology are always welcome.

Not only new substances for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, but also  on the further development of already approved preparations, for example new formulations, are at the forefront of current development activities. New areas of application are also being sought for medications used today. Approximately 15% of our turnover is invested in new and further developments.

The medications are produced in co-operation with other companies. Pharmaceutical controls are then carried out within our company in accordance with national and international regulations.